The photographer sitting in a big wooden chair; she has long blonde hair and a green dress, pint nails and socks with cherry pattern
I've been doing photography since the early noughts when I was in high school; I spent a lot of time driving around rural Saskatchewan taking photos of decaying barns and refineries. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, I photographed a lot of concerts and sports for its student paper, The Gauntlet. I also did some photography for an upstart culture blog I edited, now offline. Most of these photos are lost to bitrot, unfortunately.
After that, I didn't take photos for a really long time; dating a succession of aspiring photographers can have that effect on you. The years 2008-16 are marked by an utter lack of photographic work, which I didn't really get over until I started expressing my queer identity in 2017. Photography became a way to express that aspect of me while engaging with my newfound community, and I'll be forever grateful for that opportunity to rediscover myself.
In my day job, I'm a senior data journalism engineer at the Financial Times, where I also get the occasional opportunity to do photography. I'm also co-lead of the FT's award-winning LGBTQ+ network, FTProud.
You can find me on Instagram and Bluesky; I also blog occasionally at
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